This book is an autobiography written by Sergeant Irving that tells the story of his deployment to Afghanistan as a sniper team leader in the prestigious Third Ranger Battalion. The book is fairly fast paced and spends only a limited amount of pages on his life story and focuses more on the actual deployment and combat. There are a number of good stories with a good amount of detail to engage the reader and those stories give the reader an understanding of how a sniper team operates within a Ranger Battalion. The problem is that the book appears to be self published without an editor, and it shows. The only grammar correction appears to have come from the spell checker on the author’s computer as the grammar throughout the book is really bad. And that is coming from an infantry grunt that is not great at grammar himself (that would be your humble author)! Unfortunately it gives an amateur appearance and makes it difficult to take the book serious. In fact, just having a high school English teacher, or any college graduate read through the manuscript once would have made a significant improvement. The horrible grammar is unfortunate as the story is a good story to be told and could have been an entertaining read if the reader was not constantly trying to determine what word was really intended to be written. If you need another sniper book to add to the library, give it a try, else wait until someone does at least a minor edit on the book. Yes, we read the revised edition, which apparently only added another chapter to the book, itself riddled with grammatical errors, and did not revise or correct the grammar throughout the rest of the book.

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