I will start this book review off with a simple statement: This is how we like our history books to be written! It is not because the writing style is good, which it is, but rather it is the fact that the author takes a very specific topic and absolutely dives into it with extreme detail and extensive research. This is a change from the many available books about the history of sniping that attempt to cover the entire history of sniping and as a result gets lost in the expanse of the topic. This book creates a nice senergy by only following the development of British sniping which allows it to flow much better and allows it to stay focused. There are tons of pictures and sopporting documents that adds a lot of depth to the book. Mr. Houghton covers the evolution of the British sniper from the early days and all the way through the 20th century and up to today (2018). As is the case with most historical books about sniping, there is a lot of information about the development of the the rifles, but it does not stop there. There is extensive information about the development of all the support equipment used by snipers such as binoculars used and smocks worn before and after the various wars by British snipers. There is even discussion about trial results from rifle tests and lots of first hand accounts from British snipers that operated with the equipment. This book really is very detailed and covers the selected topic extremely well.

The book is a hard cover limited print book with only 2000 copies being published and we are glad we were able to get one of them. Mr. Houghton has also sent us images and information of British sniper rifles for our use in the past and we appreciate his support of the history of sniping. We highly recommend this book not only if you are interested in British sniping, but sniping as a whole. The United Kingdom has been a key driver of modern sniper evolution for the past century and a lot of history is included in this book that should be of interest to any enthusiast. The only downside is that this book is not available through normal distribution channels. You will need to contact the author via the provided email below in order to purchase your own copy.

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