This book is an autobiography written by Brandon Webb about his life, including his time as a sniper for SEAL Team 3 as well as the head instructor at the SEAL Sniper School. The book starts off a bit slow with Mr. Webb providing a recount of his childhood and events that lead to his pursuing becoming a Navy SEAL and then eventually becoming a sniper. Some of the details drag on a bit and it is not until half way through the book before the reader learns about Mr. Webb becoming a sniper. Many of the parts leading up to that point are interesting on a personal stand point, but be aware that the book is not completely about sniping. The sniping parts are fairly vague but there is enough detail about various missions to provide a good understanding of how Special Operations snipers operate. It is good to see the non-glorified, yet perhaps more important, parts of sniping emphasized in the book. One part we particularly enjoyed is the telling of the passion that Mr. Webb has for teaching, especially teaching the art of sniping. It is good to see and hear that others love to teach as we do here. For those chapters alone it made the book worth reading here at Sniper Central. There is also a good message about sticking to your goals and overcoming obstacles, which is a good message for anyone to hear. The rest of the book is fine, but similar to many of the other books about recent snipers that are currently gracing the shelves of the book stores. The teaching chapters and positive message is what made this book stand out versus the others.

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