This book is a compilation of 10 different histories and/or stories of 10 different snipers during World War 2. Each chapter is written by a different author about a sniper of their own choosing. It is similar to a compilation of short stories and each is true to varying degrees. Some of the authors are well known authors that have written other books about snipers and sniping such as Adrian Gilbert, Dan Mills, Martin Pegler as well as others. Some chapters and authors did a better job of research than others, or there was just more information available about their specific sniper. Overall there were a few stories that were interesting and new, though if you have read many other books about sniping during this time period, you will have heard about many of the snipers listed in the book such as Simo Hayha, Vasili Zaitsev, and others. Since each chapter is written by a different author, they each have a different feel to them and cover their subject in a different level of detail. Overall it was an interesting book with some new material and if you are interested in sniping during World Ward 2, than this is a good book to read. If you are looking for an in depth detailed history of the sniping activities during the war, this is probably not the book for you.

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