When we found out about this book we were excited to read it as there is not a lot of information out there about the sniper with the most confirmed kills (542). The author is a career military man in the Finnish Armed Forces and he himself has taught sniping and was involved with writing the current Finnish sniping manual. Over a several year period before Simo Hayha passed away, the author befriended and spent a lot of time with him conducting interviews and getting to know the man. If you would like to know about the “The White Sniper” himself, then this book likely will provided you with the most information available. Unfortunately, that is still not very much information. Do not expect to discover much about Simo Hayha’s exploits, tactics, or even deployment information. He was a solitary man and even though the author knew him well, Simo Hayha still did not provide many details. The book does contain a lot of pictures of him and as much information as is possible, but there is more information in the book about the Winter War and the Kollaa front than about the sniper Simo Hayha. There are several appendix’s as well, but they seem to be there to fill more pages in the book than provide insight into the man himself. The author is very much a fan of Mr. Hayha (and rightly so) and a lot of what is written comes across as a bit over the top with flowery terms of exceptionalism, but without the details to explain what warranted the praise. Some of that is likely due to English not being the author’s first language and his personal relationship with Simo. Regardless, this book is perhaps the best information out there on the legendary sniper and the history of that particular conflict is also interesting and worth reading.

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