To start off this review, I got really tired of reading books about ‘The History of Snipers” so I wanted to look for something more useful to snipers and shooters, something that was more of a “how to” book. As most of you likely know, beyond missing your range estimation, wind is the number one reason for missed shots and it is the least technical variable that we deal with when shooting long range. Meaning, you cannot just read a number from a wind meter and dial in a fixed number on your wind dial and get a hit. You have to learn the art of reading the wind and that is what this book attempts to do. It is written by two very accomplished competitive long range shooters and better yet, they include comments and tips from all of the great competitive long range shooters both from the past and more recent. The book is tailored and written for competition shooters, but there are a good number of tidbits that are very applicable to sniping as well. I will honestly say that I learned a few things that I have begun to apply to my own shooting. Because the book is geared to competition shooting, there is a good amount of information that does not pertain to snipers, like how to read range flags, but there is enough other information that does apply to sniping that I can recommend this book for anyone that is looking to help improve their wind reading and shooting. It is written in an easy to read manner with many diagrams and pictures to try and help explain the difficult things you see when reading wind. I was glad we picked this book up and read it.

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