Well, there are some times when I really have to force myself to finish a book. This was one of those times. While the back cover indicates this book is fiction, it is promoted as being a firsthand account of actual events; of course, the excuse being that it has to be marked as fiction because it is ‘classified’. I can honestly say that based off of the countless number of incorrect facts and information and the recounting of impossible shots, that the book is indeed complete fiction. Unfortunately it is pretty bad fiction. This is the debut book from the author Bill Anthony, but that does not excuse the very simplistic writing style. It is also obvious that it is a self-published (print on demand) book with the absence of an editor as there is an extreme amount of grammatical and spellings errors… and this is coming from someone (myself) who will never claim to be adept at grammar! The accounts of the book supposedly take place from 1964-1966 and are written from the perspective of one of the members of a 4 man “special ops” team that did such things as insert hundreds of miles by foot to take out a radar station in Russia, shoot several soldiers on the other side of the Berlin wall in broad daylight, shoot the pilot of a new Mig-15 from 800 yards, just as the aircraft is lifting off the runway (meaning 120+ mph), with one shot from an 8mm Mauser, and others. I hate to just talk about the negatives of a book, but I had a hard time finding any good aspects of the book, even taken as fiction, it was just not entertaining. Based on all of the points mentioned, I cannot recommend this book.

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