I will first mention that this book was published in 2004 and it appears to be out of print currently. Yes, it is yet another book about the history of sniping, and yes, it has much of the same information that is contained about the history of sniping that is found in most of the others like it. But I do have to give credit to Mr. Dougan as he is a very good writer and has a way of bringing history to life which makes for an entertaining read. This book has much more traditional history incorporated into it than most books on sniping. There is so much non-sniping history that it probably contains as much military and civil history as it does sniping history. Unfortunately there are some parts of the book that are incorrect and other parts that exaggerate a bit, and as is common with many that do not have actual experience in the field of sniping, the book can be a bit over the top in ‘rah-rah snipers are the rulers of the battlefield’ mentality. As was mentioned, the writer is a very good teller of history and the research into the history was well done, but with some inaccuracies, some artistic liberties taken for entertainment, and for the lack of recent information due to it being published over a decade ago, there may be some better options out there.

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