The US Army has submitted a request for proposals for an Improved Ghillie System (IGS) to replace the current Flame Resistant Ghillie System (FRGS). The new IGS is intended to be a modular suit that allows snipers to add or remove components as needed for their Area of Operation. Such as removing or adding sleeves or pants. This new system is intended to be worn over the normal combat uniform (ACU) and a primary focus of the IGS is to keep it light-weight and cooler, as well as maintain the flame resistant properties. Once the prototype suits have been provided by manufacturers, testing will begin which will include daytime concealment properties, night time concealment and even noise measurements to determine how noisy the suits are. The winner of the competition will be selected and then tested by the instructors at the US Army Sniper School at Fort Benning, GA in the spring of 2019 before the purchase of 3300 suits happens. The projected cost is set to be below the current $1300 for the FRGS.


Back in the day we used to have to build our own Ghillie suits from a provided “kit” that had burlap and other supplies in it. We used old BDU’s as our base and then added netting and burlap as well as other customer features. It was a right of passage back then, but in reality, a more modern and modular design is a good solution and you can rest assured that snipers will be modifying them anyway to meet their needs. A part of the new system will include a different set of accessories as well, but not much details have been provided on what those changes will be to the accessories kit.

We watching for updates on the new IGS here.

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Are there any suits that’s are available to civilians that are durable. Not like the cheesy 80 dollar ones at bass pro

Daniel chanson

In the marines we made our own so they were custom to each environment. It’s not that hard to do.

Todd B

Are there any “real” drag bags available to the civilian market? Not one that holds two rifles and a pistol, but one that you could really use to drag your rifle during a stalk.

The best I’ve found is a Trid Tactical. However I would have liked web strapping sewn on the bottom lengthwise to aide wear resistance and to make it a bit quieter.


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