This was an interesting bit of news that just came across the wire.

The US Army has been moving forward with their adoption of a Squad Designated Marksman Rifle that will be used in the DM role among each infantry squad. This is a 7.62mm rifle that will be very similar to the M110A1 CSASS, though with some changes that are specific for the SDMR role and to keep costs down. The Army just announced that they have awarded the contract for the optics for the SDMR rifle to Sig Sauer. The scope chosen is a variant of the commercial Tango 6 1-6x24mm scope and includes the following features:

  • Flat Dark Earth (FDE) exterior finish
  • FFP reticle
  • BDC reticle calibrated for the 7.62x51mm NATO
  • Ultra-bright red horseshoe daylight visible reticle
  • Locking Illumination Dial
  • Throw Lever

The contract is for a bit more than 6000 units. Should make for a very capable system.

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Dale Pratt

Must we rely on companies based off our shores for our military supplies and weapons? FN,SIG, BERETTA etc. I realize they have opened factory’s on our shores but, how about company’s born and bred on our shores such as LEUPOLD, BURRIS, COLT, SMITH AND WESSON etc……I am just saying!

Greg R

Damn that thing is sexy! Would like to have one setup like that but i’m sure they don’t offer it in civilian world.

US Army Fields M110A1 as SDMR - Sniper Central

[…] The DMR version of the M110A1, itself a modified H&K G28 chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, will use a different scope than the sniper variant as well as include some different accessories and changes to make it better suited to the SDMR role. The scope selected was the SIG Tango6 1-6x24mm and you can read about that decision here. […]


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