US Optics has just announced their latest new scope offering, the TS-20x long range scope which is touting some impressive features. The first of which is the 8x zoom range with a 2.5x on the low end and 20x on the top end. There has been reasons why most manufacturers are reluctant to release such a wide zoom range as it can be difficult to maintain smooth and accurate controls with so much internal movement with a zoom range this wide. We will have to wait to see if USO has been able to master it with this new scope. The reticle is also located on the front focal plane which means it’ll be an added challenge to find a reticle size that will work well enough at 2.5x as well as 20x. That too will pose a challenge.

On top of that, they also indicate that the scope will focus all the way down to only 10 yards. With a focus range that close combined with a zoom range that wide, there is just a lot of internal parts that have to move a lot for this scope. The scope does has a 34mm main tube, an illuminated reticle, and knobs with 10 MIL of adjustment per rotation and 32 MIL total. All additional features that are good as well.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the announcement is the price. The MSRP is listed at $1495 which seems very reasonable if this scope can deliver on the performance. They are taking pre-orders now. We’ll keep you posted.

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