In 2015 the US Army began the process of replacing the M110 SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System) with a newer more portable system (Compact SASS). Last year H&K was awarded the $44 million contract for a version of their G28E.

Of course, with various budget issues to deal with there was, and still is, some concern about the funding for the project but the US Army continues to report that everything is a go and progressing. The interesting thing is that they have just recently reported that both the USAF and the USMC are on board for purchasing the CSASS system as well. The USAF is no surprise, but the USMC is.

We here at Sniper Central can only assume that the USMC would use the rifle as a DMR/SPR type of rifle and not as any sort of replacement for the M40A5. In fact, the Marines want to extend the range of the M40, not reduce it, and they are looking at affordable options to do that. Some ideas being kicked around include a 300 Win Mag rifle and perhaps even 6.5 Creedmoor rifles. This could even include rebarreling the M40A5 in 6.5 CM. So if the USMC adopts the CSASS we do not see them being used primarily by the Scout Snipers and STA platoons, but rather by the DMR/SPR members of the squad.

I suppose we will see…




Would going to 6.5CM or going to 300 WSM make more sense?

Trajectory wise, they’re similar, but the 300 WSM carries a ton more energy and would still fit into the M40A5 with a rebarrel and new bolt face.


They have been looking at the 6.5CM as it would just need a barrel replacement… and a whole new paperwork nightmare getting the 6.5 approved for military use. The 300WSM does carry more energy, though the 6.5 has higher sectional density. I doubt either one will be adopted, but I’ve been wrong before.


The 300 wsm is a very accurate and will do everything the 300 win mag will do….with the exception of the really heavy projectiles which takes up case capacity. I have one in win 70 stealth and shoots 1/2 moa on a regular basis using 175gr match kings.


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