Due to our single 2020 advanced class in July filling up so quickly, we have added a second class that is piggy-backing on the June basic class in Polson, Montana.

Sniper Central – Long Range Precision Marksman Advanced Class

Additionally, our basic classes are filling up quickly as well. There are a few slots left in the May and June class, July is already filled. If you wanted the full training, it would be a good opportunity to take the June Basic followed immediately by the advanced class.

Sniper Central – Long Range Precision Marksman Basic
Sniper Central – Designated Marksman

We also have the Designated Marksman class happening in September of 2020 and we are excited for that class as we have revised the curriculum with some exciting new stuff. That class still has a decent number of seats open.

Register now for any of the classes while there are still seats available. They make great Christmas presents as well!

Sniper Central

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