We have been looking into building DMR and Sniper style gas guns for a while now and have been looking for a high quality manufacturer of parts for the types of rifles we plan to build. We are really impressed with the company and the quality of parts that come from Aero Precision and are proud to announce that we are now an Aero Precision dealer.

If you are looking for any parts or even complete Aero rifles, let us know and we will see what we can do. If you are interested in Semi-custom long range MSR/AR rifles (308, 6.5 CM, 223, 224 Valk, etc) then let us know some of your thoughts as we would love to hear your input as we work on putting together are gas gun offerings.

Additionally, we were not sure if everyone was aware of all of the specialized manufacturers that we are a dealer for and can get you custom pricing on. Here is a partial list:

Aero Precision
Rock River Arms
TAB Gear
Accuracy International
Black Hills Ammunition
RUAG Swiss P
and others

We can get just about anything. Of course, we can get any of the big manufacturers as well such as Remington, Leupold, Savage, Burris, Federal, etc. Those just go through our normal suppliers. So if you are looking for anything from Aero Precision or any of the other manufacturers, just request a quote here:

Sniper Central Request For Quote

Its open to everyone

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