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Rifle Package For Sale

A complete new rifle package is done and ready to ship

600 FOR 600

Can we come up with a $600 sniper weapon system that can operate as a 600 yard sniper rifle? We call it our 6-4-6 concept.

Statement on DC Area Shootings

I am writing this official stance in response to the many requests I’ve been receiving in regards to the current shootings that are happening in the D.C. area. The comments I make in this statement are my own opinions and feelings and in no way indicate an official stance from any agency or company other than snipercentral.com and myself. First and foremost I want to express my feelings of compassion and sadness to the families of the victims, may God be with you and your loved ones. I also want to express the fact that this shooter is a murderer and is not a sniper as we in the profession… Read more »

Current Update

Updates on the site rebuild, Coronavirus and our classes, and upcoming articles

Sniper Central Sit-Rep

A daily report on where we stand with the web page problems….