Henry Norwest

Henry Louis Norwest is one of the most famous Canadian snipers in the First World War. Norwest was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, of French-Cree ancestry. In his nearly three years of service with the 50th Canadian Infantry Battalion, the lance-corporal achieved a confirmed kill record of 115. Norwest is one of only about 830 members of the CEF to be awarded the Military Medal and bar. Norwest enlisted in January 1915 under the name Henry Louie, and was discharged after three months for misbehaviour. Eight months later, he signed up again, under a new name and with a fresh slate. Ultimately, Norwest proved to be an inspiration to his… Read more »

Things are not quiet on the SC Front…

I don’t even know where to begin. My life’s work, 20+ years of writing, training, reviewing, creating…is now gone. Through a series of the most unfortunate events, all of the data on Sniper Central has been lost. My head is spinning, and I am in a haze as we try to come up with some miracle. But it does not look good. Stay tuned, and say a prayer for us. MelSniper Central