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We look at the details of one of our favorite rifles…


A truly unique sniper rifle built by a legendary firearms manufacturer


Perhaps the most extreme sniper rifle ever devised?


Some rifles just transcend time…

Joseph Pilyushin

Joseph Pilyushin was an accomplished sniper that fought for the U.S.S.R. on the Eastern Front up at and around Lengingrad which was his home before and after the war. At 38 years old, Joseph was quite old when he went off to war but had been in the civil defense forces before the war and that is where he learned to shoot well by competing on a rifle team. Like many soldiers, Joseph was injured a number of times during combat and even lost his right eye, which was his shooting eye, at which point he learned to shoot left handed. While the Red Army labeled him unfit for combat… Read more »

Simo Hayha

We profile the legendary Finnish Sniper