The Sniper Central HQ

Sniper Central started as an online informational web page way back in the 1990’s, but it has grown into a full fledged business that incorporates all things sniping. In 2015 we needed to expand our space to handle all the things we are now doing and in the process of searching out and finding a new location to plant our roots, we wanted to also include a location that the public could come and visit. We eventually found our home down in Victor Montana on highway 93 in the beautiful Bitteroot Valley. Here we have created an inviting location where any sniping and long range shooting enthusiast can come and chat with us, see some really cool sniper related firearms and items, and even purchase any number of shooting related items right there in the store. We are in the process of preparing to add a complete museum of sniping up on the 2nd floor, but that is still a ways out, maybe in 2018. We encourage everyone to come pay us a visit if you are in the area and hang out for a bit and see what we have put together. You can find a map as well as a virtual tour of the facility below.



Map to our HQ


Virtual Tour of our HQ

We understand that you cannot always visit in person, so here is a virtual tour of our HQ facility

Google Virtual Tour of Sniper Central HQ


Our Future Museum

As you might imagine, we currently have a decent selection of collectable sniper rifles and equipment from our personal collections that are not for sale but are very unique and some quiet rare. We know that others would be interested in seeing some of them properly display in a professional museum display with information and history posted with them. This is something that would not generate much, if any revenue, so it is a labor of love as we continue to collect and prepare our Sniper Central Museum for the public. Because of the expenses and time involved, it will be a while before the finished upstairs museum is ready, but in the meantime we are preparing to display some of the rifles and equipment in the main HQ show room until the museum is ready. Those items should be displayed no later than the spring of 2017. If you have any unique or interesting items that you would like to donate to the museum, or if you would like to make a monetary donation, please contact us. We are also looking to purchase collectable rifles and equipment as well.

Some, but not all, of the items currently in our museum collection include:

  • M1D Garand
  • No.4 Mk1 (T)
  • Mauser SP66
  • M40 Commemorative Rifle
  • M24 SWS
  • Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Sniper
  • Steyr SSG69
  • Parker-Hale M85
  • and others

Plus we have several police rifles that were used for many years as duty sniper rifles with some histories included, and several modern sniper rifles such as CZ 750 M1, L129A1, Sako’s and others that are unique and not often found and would be fun for visitors to view and read about. We have a deep love and passion for all things sniping and we just want to share that with others as well.