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Clear Fields of Fire

As we move closer to the thanksgiving holiday, I just thought I might mention one of the things I am thankful for at Sniper Central, and that would be….

clear fields of fire!

A word from Mel

Friday Update – 20 Nov 2015

Hello fellow snipers and enthusiasts! Welcome to another Friday update where we try and keep everyone up to speed as to what is going on around here.

Unfortunately, I have to start this update off with a “I hate computers” post. As I had mentioned in the last Friday update we did, we were (are?) in the process of upgrading our server. Well, that project has stalled indefinitely.

A word from Mel

Thank You

For all of you that have served, and for those of you that continue to serve this great country, Thank You! This is your day. Words cannot makeup for the loss of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting our freedoms and fighting against tyranny around the world for those who cannot. It does not matter that we do not all share the same opinions or beliefs, what does matter is that we can all come together to honor those that have done, or who currently do lace up their boots in our Armed Forces. It especially matters that we remember those who have fallen before us. To them again,… Read more »

A word from Mel
21 Sept 2011
Canadian Forces Base Valcartier, Quebec

A Canadian Sniper and Spotter undercover of their ghillie suits locate and fire at targets during the live fire phase of Exercise Tireur Accompli.
Exercise Tireur Accompli is the final exercise on the basic sniper course. It aims at enabling candidates to apply the variety of skills and techniques that were taught during the course, such as the setting of observation posts, stalking, materiel destruction and engaging targets. The exercise was held at CFB Valcartier from 19-23 September 2011.

Photo by Corporal Jax Kennedy, Canadian Forces Combat Camera © 2011 DND-MDN Canada

Friday Update – 30 Oct 2015

Welcome everyone to the Halloween edition of the Friday update! It has been a few weeks since we have posted a Friday update. The reason for the delay is because we have been posting so many additional new pages that I did not want to further convolute the announcements with another update! Some of the recent pages we have posted include: Covert Body Armor for Snipers Full review on a Proof Research 260 Rifle Member Page – Team Communication Nightforce Direct Mount Review A New Book Review Plus a bunch of new product to the store, new options to the rifle packages, news announcements, etc. The pages next in line… Read more »

A word from Mel

Dick Kramer Tactical Art

We have long been a fan of Dick Kramer and his tactical themed art work. When we started working on our HQ location for people to come visit, his was the first art that came to mind to hang on the walls, and now we love it even more! If you have not seen it, just search for Dick Kramer Studios. We decided to check into bringing some of his prints into Sniper Central to resale to others who share our same passion. Being honest, we really do not know much about art, but we do know that we love his art! So, we now officially carry Dick Kramer prints… Read more »


Nightforce Direct Mount – Full Review

When putting together a Sniper Weapon System (SWS) for department, military or personal use, one of the primary concerns is to remove as many points of failure as possible. By doing this, it allows the system to be simplified and become more robust at the same time. For those that have used tactical long rifles for a period of time have no doubt become familiar with the ritual of insuring the the scope mounting rings and bases are tightened and secure. Many shooters and operators will use a dab of blue locktite or other products to keep their screws from coming lose over time. In the scope mounting process alone… Read more »


Proof Research Tac II 260 Rem – Full Review

When it really comes down to it, there are not a lot of new revolutionary developments that come along in the rifle building world. But a decade or so ago, the development of carbon fiber barrels came to rifles. While they were a novelty for a while, they never really took off. Rifle makers like Christensen Arms have been building them for a while now and continue to do so. Their light weight rifles do attract some followers and they continue to produce them. But have you ever wondered what would happen if a dedicated long range precision rifle builder decided to build a tactical rifle using light weight carbon… Read more »