New Vortex Razor AMG

Vortex continues to work hard to keep at the forefront of the tactical scope market. Their Razor HD scopes are excellent and in an effort to stay in step with the latest features offered on the latest high end tactical scopes, they have announced their new AMG version of the Razor HD. AMG stands for Advanced Manufacturing Group. The scope is lightweight, at least for a big scope, coming in at 28.8 ounces, making it less than 2 pounds. Though it is still a large scope, but it is a full featured scope with all the latest features including indexed HD glass, zero stop, and even micro zero adjust, meaning… Read more »


Hi-Lux USMC M40

When it comes to original scopes used on classic sniper rifles, the market is very tight as there are not a lot of them left and the collectors are constantly on the look out. So when an original comes on the market, the price tends to be very expensive. If someone wanted to build a tribute rifle for their own collection, finding an appropriate scope would be difficult to match the project. Enter Hi-Lux Optics. Hi-Lux makes several reproduction scopes that include the William Malcom, M73G4, M82G2 and the USMC M40 Redfield scope, the latter being the subject of this review. We recently brought in a M40-66 tribute rifle for… Read more »

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DC v. Heller – Interesting

I thought this was interesting. As many of you probably remember, the District of Columbia vs. Heller case was a landmark decision by the Supreme Court of the United States that struck down the District of Columbia ban on handguns. It was also the first ruling by the Supreme Court that indicated that the 2nd amendment protection of firearms also included firearms for the use of self defense. What I learned yesterday that was interesting to me was who wrote the Amicus Brief on behalf of the 31 states that were in favor of the 2nd amendment. The Amicus Brief is a document written on behalf of a party that… Read more »


M40-66 Full Review

When it comes to sniper rifles, typically what is being designed and developed today are rifles that use the latest technologies and trends to accomplish the ultimate in accuracy and deployability for tactical sniper teams or competitive shooters. These rifles are extremely capable and many non-snipers purchase them because they want the ultimate in capability and functionality. Some of these owners are enthusiasts and great fans of the historical side of sniping as well.

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Friday Update – 15 Jan 2016

Welcome to another Friday Update! This is where we like to let everyone know what we have been working on, latest developments at SC, and what might be coming up. If you have been following along, you were aware that some very significant things have been happening to me personally (I married off my first born Daughter!). That went off without a hitch last week and she is very happy! We as her parents feel blessed as well. But just because there was a wedding, doesn’t mean nothing has been happening around Sniper Central, in fact, we have been working on a whole host of things. This week we were… Read more »

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This post really doesn’t contain a lot of information about sniping, but it is a time for reminiscing for me. Not only are we just exiting the holiday season, which is always a special time, and not only is it the new year where we think about what has happened this past year and we try to plan for the upcoming year. But I am even more thoughtful as our family prepares to fly out early tomorrow morning for the wedding of my daughter. She is our first born child and the first of my children to get married. Her fiancee is a wonderful young man who has his head… Read more »


Fix It Sticks

When deployed, training or otherwise out in the field doing stuff, a sniper team is required to constantly maintain their equipment. One of the standard routines that all snipers typically get into, is the matter of checking that all of their mounting screws and nuts on their Sniper Weapon System are properly torqued in order to prevent anything from coming loose at a critical time. The traditional way to do this has been to carry a T-Handle torque wrench in their deployment kit and to re-torque the critical parts daily while in the field. The normal torque wrench that is most widely used is set to 65-inch-lbs and is used… Read more »