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Independence Day 2015

We at Sniper Central know that freedom comes at a high price and that the freedoms we enjoy and love in the United States of America are unique and valued by all our readers. We just wanted to wish everyone a happy Independence Day and we would also like to recommend that we all take… Read more »

A word from Mel

Long Range PM Class 2015-2 Recap

Class 2015-2 was our first class at our new location in Polson, Montana. The weather turned out great and the shooting opportunities were fantastic. The winds played lots of tricks, but that is the best environment to learn in and the students, while initially frustrated, picked it up very well and did great. With shooting… Read more »


Burris XTR II 3-15x50mm Tactical Scope

Burris Optics has been making tactical scopes for a number of years now and over that time span they have had several tactical scope offerings that have spanned a wide spectrum from budget to higher end. In fact, one of our first scope reviews we did was of a Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm with a… Read more »

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Friday Update – 19 June 2015

Happy Friday to everyone! Congratulations on making it through another week. So what has been happening around Sniper Central… well, I suppose we’ll start with the status of the Sniper Central HQ in Victor Montana. Everything is proceeding on schedule for a September opening. The meeting went well with the ATF and hopefully the new… Read more »

A word from Mel

Long Range PM Class 2015-1 Recap

I just wanted to throw up a quick recap of our first Long Range Precision Marksman class for 2015. The class was filled with 10 students, we cap the limit at 10 students to insure we can devote full attention to all students, and all of the students had a great attitude and were fun… Read more »

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Friday Update – 2 June 2015

I know, its not Friday…. Welcome everyone to today’s Friday update (on Tuesday)! Of course, things continue to be busy around Sniper Central. We posted our review of the Nikon 7i LRF, but it did not perform as well as we hoped it would. The next review coming up is the Burris XTR II scope… Read more »

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Memorial Day 2015

This day is set aside for us all to take a moment to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country. While we take this day off of work, and spend it with family and friends, let us all take a moment to put aside our political views, our disagreements… Read more »


Nikon PROSTAFF 7i Laser Rangefinder

We are always on the lookout for new Laser Range Finders that offer compact size, easy use, and most importantly a strong laser that will go 1000+ yards on NON-REFLECTIVE targets. As most of our readers know, the max range that is listed by 95% of the manufactures on their LRFs, is on a reflective… Read more »

A word from Mel

Survival Course now available

We have just added a new survival course taught through our Northwest Defense branch of Sniper Central. This course is taught by off duty SERE instructors and is based around survival in various seasons of the year. Right now we have summer and fall posted and available for registration. You can find out more information… Read more »