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Friday Update – 17 Apr 2015

Well, it is another Friday and time for another update to what is happening around Sniper Central! The big news announced last Friday was that we have acquired Northwest Defense and will be incorporating NWD into our training and developing their class offerings to include many new and exciting things beyond our Precision Marksman classes…. Read more »


Sniper Central Acquires Northwest Defense

Sniper Central is proud to announce that we have acquired a controlling interest in Northwest Defense (NWD), a premier training group located in Northwest Montana. By bringing the NWD team into the Sniper Central family, it will allow us to expand our training capability and teach the art and science of long range shooting to… Read more »

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Friday Update: 20 Mar 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another friday update! This gives us an opportunity to let the community know what we are working on and what is coming up in the near future. We posted a book review this week on the book “Shooter” and it must be time to start the next Sniping related book…. Read more »

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Book Review: Shooter

We just added a new book review of the book “Shooter” by Jack Coughlin. Feel free to check it out in our book section below. Sniper Central Books and other Resources


Remington Defense Offers Products to Civilians

Remington defense has just announced that they will start offering some of their products for sale on the civilian market. One of those products is the M2010 sniper rifle that is slated to replace the M24. The price will not be cheap, but if you ever wanted one, now you can get one.  

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Friday Update – 6 Mar 2015

Welcome to another Friday update! A lot has been happening around here (like usual) so we’ll hit a few of the highlights here We were able to add 4 new class dates to our schedule of classes this year and will be hosting these classes up in Polson Montana, which is a new location for… Read more »


Law makers propose Chris Kyle receive the Medal of Honor

Last week Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas) introduced a bill in congress to posthumously award the Medal of Honor to former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. It will be interesting to see where the bill goes but we here at Sniper Central support it! Even after a member of congress recommends the Medal of Honor be… Read more »

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Additional 2015 Class Dates Now Available

We wanted to let everyone know that we just posted 4 new class dates for the Sniper Central Long Range Precision Marksman classes. You can register for those classes here: Long Range Precision Marksman – Basic These classes will be held at Polson Montana, on the south end of beautiful Flathead lake. We look forward… Read more »

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Sniper During Op Oqab Tsuka in Afghanistan

L115A3 page updated

Just wanted to provide a quick note that we have updated the information on the L115A1 and L115A3 page (AI Super Magnum). You can read the updates here: L115A1 & A3 Of course, any of our British brethren that might have some additional first hand comments about actual field use, we would love to hear… Read more »

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Friday Update – 13 Feb 2015

Welcome to another edition of the friday update at Sniper Central! As you probably have noticed, we finished up our review of the Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x42mm Compact. Its a nice scope package. Next up will be the next edition of the Sniper Central Letter which should show up in your inbox next week. Work also… Read more »