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Friday Update – 2 Oct 2015

Welcome once again to another Sniper Central Friday Update! Its always nice to have you on board… We’ll start with an update on what reviews are coming up. It is looking like the Proof Research full rifle review will be posted next week. We are just wrapping up the finishing touches on it now. The… Read more »


McMillan announces some new camo patterns

McMillan announced a few new camo patterns for their stocks. They have the Spectre and Ambush series of patterns with a few different color options in each pattern. The Spectre series mimics aspects of the digital camo and is available in Woodland, Desert, Urban, ACU and Forest. Below is a picture of the Woodland color… Read more »

A word from Mel

Friday Update – 18 Sept 2015

Welcome again to another Friday update. As you might imagine, our big push right now is to get the Sniper Central HQ open to the public. We are so close, the only thing we are waiting on are the security gates to be installed on the windows and door. At that point we can move… Read more »

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308 Win 175gr Match Ammo Comparison Test

Take a look at our in depth match ammo comparison test for 308, 175gr ammo. This test compares 7 different factory loads to see how they perform. We have a lot of other ammo brands to test as well and will be getting to them as time permits. Visit the link below to read the… Read more »

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Friday Update – 28 Aug 2015

Welcome back to another Friday update here at Sniper Central. I wanted to start off with the list of reviews that we have upcoming soon. The 308 175gr Match Ammo comparison test is all done and ready to go live! I didn’t want it to conflict with our normal Friday update, so I will turn… Read more »

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Friday Update – 21 Aug 2015

Wow, we have a lot to report this time around! Sorry it has been so long since we did our last Friday update, but things have really been hopping around here, which is great! Well, we’ll start with a report on our classes. We just finished up another great Long Range Precision Marksmanship (Basic) class… Read more »

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Advance Class Scope Selection

We just thought we would present a breakdown of the scope selection of our 12 students in our Advanced class, which ends tomorrow. 3 – Leupold 3 – Kahles 2 – Nightforce 1 – Premier Reticle 1 – Sightron 1 – Bushnell DMR 1 – Vortex The high number of Kahles was interesting and they… Read more »

Entgegen dem Trend: Das brandneue STEYR SSG Carbon Scharfschützengewehr mit prägnantem, Karbon verstärktem Daumenloch-Kunststoffschaft und 60-cm-Lauf mit Drei-Kammer-Mündungsbremse im Standardkaliber .308 Winchester. Angeboten werden auch .243 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum und .338 Lapua Magnum.

Steyr SSG Carbon now available in USA

Steyr announced their SSG Carbon rifle back at SHOT in 2014, but the orders came pouring in and they were backlogged for over a year. Finally they have gotten caught up and there will be rifles available in the USA. The SSG Carbon uses the same barreled action from the SSG08 chambered in 308 with… Read more »