A word from Mel

Friday Update – 19 Dec 2014

Welcome to the 19 Dec 2014 Friday update! Of course with the Holiday season upon us we have been busy doing the normal only business things. BUT, that does not mean we have not been hard at work with the good stuff here at Sniper Central! As we announced earlier in the week, we were… Read more »

A word from Mel

Ammo List Now Available!

I wanted to just quickly let everyone know that the big “Ammo List” showing all of the Long Range ammo available from Sniper Central along with real time inventory is now back online with the new redesigned web page!! You can see the page here: Sniper Central Long Range Ammo List You can also navigate… Read more »


News from around the industry

There are some interesting product announcements from various manufacturers that we stumbled upon. Silencer Co is getting into the ammo making business. Their first load is a sub-sonic 220gr 300 AAC blackout load which is intended to compliment their 30 cal suppressors. Lapua also continues to expand is line of ammunition as well with their… Read more »

A word from Mel

Friday Update

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Update for 5 Dec 2014 The new web site is running, for the most part, smoothly. It allows us to more easily update and add content which is a good thing. We still are working on a few ongoing items while also continuing to work on the new… Read more »


Springfield Armory M1A EBR

Springfield Armory was the primary manufacturer of U.S. Military firearms from 1777 until it was closed by the federal government in 1968. That same year, Elmer C. Balance registered the trademark of “Springfield Armory” (no relation to the original company other than the name) and dedicated his company to the first civilian production of the… Read more »


Remington Announces PSR Delivery Order

The following press released was sent out by Remington Remington® Defense Announces Precision Sniper Rifle Delivery Order Madison, N.C. -The Department of Defense issued an order to Remington Defense for 443 Precision Sniper Rifles (“PSR”) chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum and 446 PSR caliber conversion kits in both .300 Win Mag and .308 Win. The… Read more »


Last Remaining Migration Items

I just wanted to provide an update to the progress on the full migration of the new web page. Right now we are working on moving all of the items from the old Sniper Central Store to the new one. As we move the items from the old to the new, we are removing the… Read more »


Update!! SC Memberships up and going

Update – 6 Nov 2014 Well, finally, we have figured out the whole SSL issue and have the site up and going. The first thing we did is get the Sniper Central Memberships up and going. All of the old SC members have been migrated over to the new system so all the member only… Read more »