Sniper Equipment Reviews

Here is where you will find reviews for various equipment items used for sniping. This excludes rifles, scopes, spotting scopes, suppressors and ammo which all have their own review section.

Scope Rings and Bases TPS Rings and Bases (12/17/05)
Burris Signature Zee Rings and offset inserts (05/02/06)
SPUHR Ideal Scope Mount System (ISMS) (01/05/11)
Nightforce Direct Mount (10/16/15)
Laser Range Finders Leica Rangemaster 1200 LRF (07/15/05)
Bushnell Elite 1500 LRF (12/12/07)
Nikon Prostaff 7i LRF (05/21/15)
SIG Kilo 2000 (02/05/16)
Zeiss PRF Laser Range Finder (06/24/16)
Vectronix Terrapin Laser Range Finger (10/07/16)
Drag Bags Tac Ops
Tac Ops Series 2 (04/17/06)
Rifle Finishes Walter Birdsong’s Black-T & Green-T
Cheek-pieces Karsten add-on Adjustable Cheek-piece (09/12/07)
Bradley Cheek Rest (10/05/12)
Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest (10/15/13)
TacOps Strap On CheekPad (02/27/19)
Bipods, Monopods, and rifle rests CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Mono-Pod (11/02/06)
ShadowTech Hog Saddle (04/19/2019)
Eberlestock Pack Mountable Shooting Rest (05/15/19)
Magpul Bipod (08/14/19)
B&T Atlas PSR Bipod (11/8/19)
Shooting Accesories Tactical Adjustment System (TAS) (03/02/08)
Tactical Intervention Specialists M24 & Quick Cuff Slings (03/13/08)
BulzEyePro 3x Optical Booster (09/24/08)
Rifle Stocks Manners Composite Stocks GAT (03/27/08)
PDC Custom Stocks (04/09/08)
Bell & Carlson Target/Competition Stock (12/09/16)
Magpul Hunter 700 (8/3/18)
Foundation Rifle Stocks Genesis (7/9/19)
Floor Metal CDI Precision Gunworks Detachable Box Magazine (11/12/09)
Tools Borka Multi Torque Drive (09/14/10)
Fix It Sticks Torque Drive (12/30/15)
Muzzlebrakes Clamp-on Muzzlebrakes (04/19/2012)
Triggers Timney Remington 700 2-Stage (533-ST) (03/25/2016)
TriggerTech Primary Rem 700 Trigger (01/06/2017)
Deployment Cleaning Kits Otis Tactical Cleaning Kits (03/10/2017)

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