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Welcome to Sniper Central’s Sniper Talk! Here is where you will find all of our episodes of our Sniper Talk video presentations regarding many different topics pertaining to the world of sniping and long range shooting. We cover, or will be covering, everything from ‘how to’ topics about long range shooting, historically significant sniping topics, video demonstrations of sniper engagements, and even fun glamor style videos. This will be an ongoing series of videos that we will continue to add to whenever possible. You can even subscribe to our Sniper Central You Tube Channel which will have all of our Sniper Talk episodes. If you have ideas about future episodes, please feel free to let us know!

The Sniper Central You Tube Channel

Episode One – The Prone Supported Position

Episode Two – Making and Using a Sandsock

Episode Three – Utilizing a Rifle Sling to Improve Accuracy

Episode Three – How Do I Choose the Right Rifle?