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Ritter & Stark SX-1 MTR – Full Review

After visiting the R&S factory, we finally get to put their SX-1 MTR through a full evaluation.

Mossberg MVP LR – Full Review

Mossberg rifles are known for their low price, but can they put together a competent low price long range tactical rifle?

308 M80 Ammunition Comparison Test

We set out to see how well standard 308 M80 Ball ammunition could do in a sniper rifle.

US Army M21 and XM21

The M21 is a classic sniper rifle built during, and for, the Vietnam war where it served with great distinction. We provide a history of the XM21 and M21 system here.

M40-66 Full Review

A modern take on one of the preeminent classic sniper rifles

308 Win 175gr Match Ammo Comparison Test

Take a look at our in depth match ammo comparison test for 308, 175gr ammo. This test compares 7 different factory loads to see how they perform. We have a lot of other ammo brands to test as well and will be getting to them as time permits. Visit the link below to read the full in depth article 308 Match Ammo Comparison Test – 175gr As a side note, we were able to pick up some HSM 260 and 300 Win Mag ammo last week, it is available here  

Springfield Armory M1A EBR

We check out an EBR M14 to see how it does in a sniper and designated marksman role

Yugoslavia M-76

The M76 is a modified AK-47/74 that has been accurized with a longer and heavier barrel and a modified stock that is more comfortable and ergonomical. The M76 has also been chambered in 7.92×57 Mauser, a much better long range caliber then either the 7.62x39mm or 5.45x39mm calibers of the rifles its derived from. The M76 Teloscopic sight is essentially a Russian PSO-1 with active IR illumination detection ability and a lighted reticule. Its calibrated with a BDC out to 1200 meters, but that is fairly optimistic for the performance of the rifle. The rifle also comes with a 5x80mm passive night vision scope, which appears to be about the… Read more »