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Episode 14 of Sniper Talk

We discuss the M1D on our latest video from our YouTube channel

British No4 Mk1 (T)

We display and talk about our own British No4 Mk1 (T) from the Sniper Central Collection.

Springfield M1903 WWI Sniper Rifles

You may know about the famous M1903A4 and A1 Unertl versions of the M1903 used during WWII, but what about the sniper versions used in WWI?

Springfield Armory M1D

We display and talk about our own M1D from the Sniper Central Collection.

Winchester Custom Classic Sharpshooter II

Back in the 1990’s, the Winchester Custom shop built a Classic Sharpshooter tactical rifle. We put one of these classic rifles through the full test to see how it does today…

US Army M21 and XM21

The M21 is a classic sniper rifle built during, and for, the Vietnam war where it served with great distinction. We provide a history of the XM21 and M21 system here.

M40-66 Full Review

A modern take on one of the preeminent classic sniper rifles

New book review added…

I just added a review of the classic book “Sniping in France”, read it here: Sniper Central Book Reviews

Baush & Lomb 10x Tactical

An early tactical scope that is now a classic

Yugoslavia M-76

Designed to get the job done