The Blaser R93 tactical rifle has been generating a lot of interest as of late. The rifle is based on the Blaser standard straight pull action, and is loosely related to their target rifle. But this version is designed specifically for the tactical community. The rifle incorporates all of the necessary features, and also includes some of the latest features which are nice to have, like the muzzle-break, adjustable stock, and detachable magazine. All reports from the field indicate a superb performing rifle, I’ve even seen a 28mm (1.10″) 10 shot group fired at 300 meters. Very impressive.

Blaser has a new version of the rifle out called the LRS2, and even chamber it in .338 Lapua. They’ve made a few other changes to the rifle also like slight changes to the stock design, etc. This version continues to be an excellent quality tactical rifle.

blaser blaser-side



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