• Manufacturer: Accuracy International
  • Model: L96A1
  • Caliber: 7.62 NATO (.308 Win)
  • Barrel Length: 24" (610mm)
  • Twist: 1:12" RH
  • Magazine: 10 or 12 round detachable box magazine
  • Stock: Synthetic Thumbhole
  • Weight: 14.33 lbs (6.5kg) empty without telescope
  • Overall Length: 44.3 - 47 inches (1125mm-1194mm)

The L96A1 is the British Army designation of the standard AWC PM. The L96A1 won a British Army competition by a slight margin over the Parker-Hale M85 to become the standard sniper rifle for the British Army. The PM utilizes an aluminum frame over which is placed a high impact plastic stock. An adjustable Parker Hale Bi-Pod is fitted as standard. An uprated version, the AW, features many minor improvements, including an easier bolt action, frost proof mechanism, muzzle brake and a 10×42 Hensoldt telescopic sight. The L96A1 is capable of sub MOA with military ammo, and gets to about half of that with good match grade ammo. The AW is imported to the US by Accuracy International, and is for sale to the public.

Other Models in use: PM Counter-Terrorist Rifle, PM Covert Sniper Rifle, and the PM Super Magnum Sniper Rifle





Paul K.

Hello all,
If I was looking to sell my police L96a1, how much could the value be? Its difficult to find an estimated value online in the UK. It includes the transit case.


Its hard for us to give a UK value as well since the availability and the number of potential buyers is drastically different than here in the USA. What condition is it in and what optics and accessories?

Paul K.

It comes with 3 magazines, cleaning rod, bore guide, bipod and transit case. In good condition, a few scratches here and there. Schmidt & Bender scope. Issue 1987.

Steven Drury

Hi Paul do you still have this rifle available? Kind regards Steve

Mel Ewing

You cannot buy a military L96A1, but you can get civilian Accuracy International rifles that are similar.

Jon Booty

On extremely RARE occasions, genuine L96s do come up for sale over here in the UK.

You would expect to pay upwards of an eye-watering £10,000! Thats £16,000 US Dollars!

Steve Houghton

There are 27 UK police L96’s in circulation here in the UK, which, when they come available sell for £20,000. There is an estimated 10 ex military L96’s in circulation and you can name your price. I know of one of which the owner was offered £50,000, the offer was rejected. For everyone’s information the police and military rifles are the same. The police had a swirl flash eliminator fitted along with a black S&B scope, no battle sights.


I have an AW L96a1 with brand new (proofed) barrel, Schmidt and bender scope and drag bag that I might be prepared to sell.


Is it a legit L96A1 and here in the USA? We would be interested for our Montana Museum of Sniping.

S.p du toit

Hallo Steve, I stay in Namibia , south West Africa, I have 2 of these rifles, I got them brand new , however I used one for hunting a couple of years, the other one still brand new. They are both fitted with S&B scopes , 6×42 and if I get a good offer I will sell one of them! Very impressive rifles, very accurate and tough.

Gary B

Im lucky enough to have one of the Police L96 complete transit case as mentioned above. Unfortunately I may sadly have to sell could anyone advise on the best place to advertise this for sensible offers in within the uk ?

Mel Ewing

Wish you were in the USA, we’d be interested! I’m not sure what sources are available in the UK for selling firearms. There are several auction sites here in the USA that help, as well as gun shows.


I have a L96a1 covert model imported by gun site. One of 2 in the u.s. looking for transit case , any related small accessories.


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