The FR-F1 was developed as a sniper rifle from the old Model 36 action, and has a padded cheek rest and an adjustable butt-stock, using a spacer system. The FR-F2 is an updated version of the FR-F1, it uses a different bipod-stock configuration and has some other general upgrades. These weapons have been around for quite some time and have proven themselves over and over. The FR-F2 is currently the standard issue sniper rifle for the French military. I have no direct experience with this rifle, but from what I hear the FR-F1 was limited by its 3.8 power scope. These rifles tend to be accurate and are a good sniping SYSTEM. The French have a fairly practical system in the FR-F2, with accuracy approaching 1 MOA on a good day.






FR-F1 and FR-F2


Sniper with FR-F1





mad dog

hi got an FRF2 and the officials french army scopes ( army, legion , paratroopers are apx 806 almost the same as the frf1 but for the 308 balistic and the scrome J8 ( X8 mag french made scope) the black plastic stock was prototype for the mas frf2


Are there many in the US. Or do you know of someone who can build a pretty close replica?

Are they for sale outside of the US?

Thanks for your time and help.

Mel Ewing

There have only been a couple imported into the USA, but not very many.

mad dog

hi i’ll soon move from france to usa and i want to take som of my guns with me like an FRF1,
2 FRF2, 2 trg 42 338 , 1 PGM ultima ratio ( the one on top of the pic ), 1 Colt ACE and 2 glocks
ca u tell me how to do it thanks


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