The PSG-1 is said to be the most accurate semi-auto in the world. There is a lot of other rifle manufacturers that will dispute this, but the PSG-1 has become the standard that the others must meet. The accuracy standard that all PSG-1’s must meet is 50 rounds of match ammo into an 80mm (3.14″) circle at 300m. (1 MOA). Keep in mind this is 50 rounds, not a 3 shot group. The PSG-1 is popular in some Special Op units and elite anti-terrorist units. It really does not lend itself well to the Military environment because of 2 reasons. First it ejects the shells about 10 meters, and this can easily give away a position, and also is a pain to try and police your brass to prevent leaving a target identifier. The second reason is that it only can be fitted with the Hensoldt 6×42 sight. No other sight can be used (Short of grinding off the mount and welding on your own type base). The 6x is only set up to be used out to 600 meters, and that is the start of the optimal engagement range for military snipers (From 600-700 meters). Rumor has it that H&K is addressing this problem and have came up with a different system that allows you to switch out scopes, but I haven’t seen one of their new PSG-1’s to confirm this. It is an outstanding Police Sharpshooter weapon, but most agencies cannot afford the price tag (about $15,000 USD on the used market), which is why it usually shows up in only the most elite units.

hkpsg1-2 psg1 psg1case psg1targ

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