• Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch
  • Model: PSG-1
  • Caliber: 7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308 Win)
  • Barrel: H&K Heavy Contour
  • Barrel Length: 25.59" (650mm)
  • Twist: RH 4 Grooves
  • Magazine: 5 or 20 round detachable box (HK91, G3)
  • Trigger: Adjustable for pull, removable from pistol grip.
  • Stock: Matte black high impact plastic, adjustable for length, pivoting butt cap, vertically-adjustable cheekpiece; target-type pistol grip with adustable palm shelf.
  • Weight: 17.81 lbs (8.10kg) with optics
  • Overall Length: 47.56" (1208 mm)
  • Additional Notes: Original version had Hendsoldt 6x42, with reticle illumination. 6 settings
    from 100 to 600 meters

The PSG-1 is said to be the most accurate semi-auto in the world. There is a lot of other rifle manufacturers that will dispute this, but the PSG-1 has become the standard that the others must meet. The accuracy standard that all PSG-1’s must meet is 50 rounds of match ammo into an 80mm (3.14″) circle at 300m. (1 MOA). Keep in mind this is 50 rounds, not a 3 shot group. The PSG-1 is popular in some Special Op units and elite anti-terrorist units. It really does not lend itself well to the Military environment because of 2 reasons. First it ejects the shells about 10 meters, and this can easily give away a position, and also is a pain to try and police your brass to prevent leaving a target identifier. The second reason is that it only can be fitted with the Hensoldt 6×42 sight. No other sight can be used (Short of grinding off the mount and welding on your own type base). The 6x is only set up to be used out to 600 meters, and that is the start of the optimal engagement range for military snipers (From 600-700 meters). Rumor has it that H&K is addressing this problem and have came up with a different system that allows you to switch out scopes, but I haven’t seen one of their new PSG-1’s to confirm this. It is an outstanding Police Sharpshooter weapon, but most agencies cannot afford the price tag (about $15,000 USD on the used market), which is why it usually shows up in only the most elite units.

See our full hands on review here.

hkpsg1-2 psg1 psg1case psg1targ



I purchased two of these rifles in 1985. At the price they are going for now, I will never regret it. They are extremely accurate. I have only shot one of them. I even used it to hunt with. Well I quit hunting now. I loved target shooting on my property. Out to 500 yds.

Jeffrey Roy

Caveman you are a lucky son of a gun!
One of these years. . (Before 2021!) I hope to purchase one for less than €5K.

Wish me luck caveman

Jeffrey Roy ten Cate.

Mike White

The scope can easily be swapped out by installing a picatinney rail across the top of
the permanent mount.A Nightforce 3.5x 15 scope was installed.The rifle with match
ammo can shoot .5 MOA@100 yds.The brass is thrown out 68 ft from the weapon.By covering the weapon with a sniper veil you can also eliminate this if you want to salvage your brass.

Mike White

This rifle is extremely rare.There were less than 400 ever imported into the U.S.
Most of these are either in SPEC OP units, Top Tier SWAT teams such as the LA SWAT
team or in private collections.


I have a HK PSG-1 for sale. Comes with everything accept the cardboard box it came in. Also have 4 extra 20 round magazines for it.

Richard Roy

Hello Robert,

Is it still for sale? you can contat me to discuss opricing. Thank you in advance.



PSG-1 parts for sale, original complete H&K grip with inner parts, original scope and bolt parts and tripod.


Just wondering if either the PSG or the PSG parts are still available? Todays date is November 2, 2016.


You can find some parts for them, but the PSG-1’s are no longer imported due to laws, though I believe they are still manufactured (I may be wrong there). The guys at HKPRO can probably answer that better.


I have a HK PSG1 for sale the accuracy of this rifle cant be matched i hardly shoot mine lately

Richard Roy

Hello Gunnerwest,

Is it still for sale? If it is you can contact me privately to discuss pricing.

Thank you in advance.



Ryan, What are you asking for the PSG1?? It may be out of my range but it doesn’t hurt to ask. You can contact me @ 702-503-3359. Maybe a few pictures or so. Thanks

Ronald Burklund

Ryan: I would be interested in this rifle and hope I can afford it. Would appreciate an asking price please.



We saw one for sale about 6 months ago, and we have a HK91 with the PSG1 trigger group/pack here at SC, though we hadn’t decided if we are selling it or not. (Maybe trade for other collectible sniper gear)


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