• Manufacturer: Mauser
  • Model: SP66
  • Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win)
    .300 Win.
  • Barrel Length: 26.75" (680 mm)
  • Twist: RH 4 Grooves
  • Magazine: 3 round integral box magazine
  • Stock: Fully adjustable, thumbhole, target style wood stock.
  • Weight: 13.64lbs (6.2 kg)
  • Overall Length: 44.85" (1140mm)

The SP66 was designed and intended for both military and Law Enforcement use. It is a well made rifle, with a beautiful and very practical contoured wood stock. The SP66 is similar to, and can trace some of its roots back to some Mauser competition rifles. The rifle uses the Mauser short action with a very fast lock time, which is critical for accurate shooting. The rifle has a high reputation for being extremely accurate, and comfortable to shoot, though the wood stock and other older features make it less applicable to modern sniping.

sp66a sp66oa sp66-b sp66c sp66b mauser66



Mel Ewing

We do have one, but it is not for sale. They are no longer made and not a lot were brought into the states.

Juan Carlos

I need the takedown guide of this Mauser model, Somebody knows where find it??? Thanks!!

Highway Hughes

Would like to buy one of the SP 66 stocks. Understand that not that many made it to our shrores ,but there must be some around. maybe.

Mel Ewing

There are a couple. We have one here and will be doing a full writeup on it in the coming months. Very unique and cool rifles. Keep your eyes open on the various selling web pages around. They pop up occasionally.


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