• Caliber: .223 Rem (5.56x45mm NATO)
  • Barrel: DPMS Heavy Stainless Steel Match
  • Barrel Length: 24" (610mm)
    NSWAG 3rd Gen : 20" (508mm)
  • Twist: 1:8.5" RH
    3rd Gen - 1:8" RH
  • Magazine: 20 or 30 round detachable box magazine
  • Trigger: J&P match trigger
  • Stock: Black synthetic M-16A1 design with Cheek Rest
    3rd Gen: Black syntehtic M-16A2
  • Weight: 10 lbs (4.55 kg)
  • Overall Length: 42.25" (1073 mm)
  • Additional Notes: Tasco Armored 3-9x40mm
    Bushnell 3-9x40mm w/Mil-Dots (3rd Gen)

The MSSR was developed out of a need for a designated sniper rifle for the Landing Battalions of the Filipino Marines. They were operating on a limited budget, and didn’t have the expert gunsmiths to modify a M14 or any of the other standard rifles used for sniping. But they do have the experts who know how to work on M16’s. They have been producing the M16A1 under license for several years, and all the troops are framiliar with the handling of the weapon. So they did the logical thing and built a sniper rifle on the M16A1 platform.


NSWAG with 3rd Gen MSSR

The armorers take an existing M16A1 lower receiver and replace the upper with a DPMS match upper and Barrel. This includes a floating aluminum handguard tube and a Harris bi-pod is attached to that. They use a Tasco Armored 3-9x40mm scope, not really my first choice, in fact, not a very good choice in my opinion. But they did have a very limited budget to work with, so this is probably the one area they thought they could get away with cutting. They use a J&P match trigger that has been fine tuned. The rifles are tested and only get issued if they will shoot 1 MOA or better with M855 ammo.


I am not a fan of the 5.56mm being used in sniper rifles, but this is a unique case were it isn’t such a bad plan. The limited ranges found in the Filipino jungles helps reduce some of the short comings of the round. The rifles will generally shoot right around 1 MOA out to 600 meters. The ease of training due to framiliarity with the M16 helps to reduce training costs, both for the sniper and the armorers. All in all, its not a bad implentation, and shows some creativity in developing a sniper rifle with a set of rigid constraints.


Marines take delivery of 3rd Gen MSSR

Update The Filipino Marines have started deployment of the 3rd generation MSSR with the Naval Special Warfare Group (NSWAG) and some Marines starting the transition. Changes to the 3rd Gen includes the DPMS 24 inch heavy barrel (with the NSWAG opting for the 20 inch). The new barrels have a change of twist from the old 1-8.5″ to a new 1-8″. The rifles also have a DPMS gas port, A2 pistol grips, and use three scope rings rather than two. The new 3rd Gen MSSR has also replaced the rubber coated Tasco scope with a Bushnell 3-9x scope with mil dots. The standard ammo for the MSSR has been changed from M885 to the federal 69 grain match. The MSSR has also began evaluation of Remington 700P’s to be used as an intermediate range sniper rifle to compliment the MSSR and their long range .50 that is used in small numbers. With the upgrades to the MSSR, it has become a very nice rifle for its intended mission. Thanks to Lt Col John Martir of the Philippine Marine Corps for the updated info and images!!


MSSR Generation 1 and 2



Debbie Esquivias

Hi, do you offer or know anyone offering sniping courses in the Philippines?

Mel Ewing

We dont know of any beyond what is offered in the Military. But perhaps another reader might know and can comment.


Your best bet will probably be to look around Clark and Subic areas where there is a number of private military companies who have training establishments. Also there is a number of shooting ranges there.

Mel Ewing

I am not familiar with available training in the Philippines, but I suspect the only training might be in the military.

jun boadilla

The BJMP TWG is looking for a 5.56 sniper rifle and I happen to stumble on the MSSR used by our Philippine Marines. How much per unit? Where can we see it? Who is the supplier or exclusive distributor of MSSR here in the Philippines?

Mel Ewing

You will need to contact the Philippine Marines for further information

J Shire

If you are interested, contact the local rep. Of Tactical Defense Arms. We offer precision .556 and 7.62 rifles at low cost. My email is ted@tacticaldefensearms.com. Please use official email address and phone # or I will not reply.

Allard T. Canoy

I want to join philippine marine sniper… Where shall i comply? Even though., i havent yet graduated any 4 yrs course but i have a certificate of computer literacy and the certification of ROTC(Reserve Officer Training Corps).. By the way., my name is allard canoy. 19 yrs of age. Very interested to join the philippine marine sniper.

Darren Davis

Willing to join some sniper training but i’m not sure whether you take recruits that have a broken arm, but still willing to do the sniper training. I don’t why y’all don’t take anyone who has disability but you cannot underestimate it’s power of the mind to the youths.


Our shooting classes are open to anyone who can meet the requirements of safely handling and firing a rifle from the prone position. If you are able to do that with your disability, we would consider having you attend.


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