The Remington 700P is a very nice sniper rifle for the money. This “Entry Level” rifle is quite capable of shooting .5 MOA right out of the box (.75 MOA is more common). This rifle has all the right features for the right price. It uses a HS Precision stock with palm swells and an aluminum bedding block. The actual action and barrel are the same that are used on Remingtons varmint rifles, with the difference mainly in the stock. Packaged combinations, known as the 700P Tactical Weapons System (TWS) can be bought from the factory and includes a carrying case, Harris Bi-Pod and a Leupold Veri-X III 3.5-10x Tactical Scope with Duplex reticle. The package has some other goodies also.


The 700P (and its variants) have come to be the standard for police agencies. Remington has been introducing new models also, including the LTR and others. The LTR was designed as a lighter weight, compact tactical rifle for urban situations. It has a 20″ fluted barrel and a slimmed down stock. Accuracy is about the same as the standard 700P, but you will lose some velocity with the shorter barrel. Technically, Remington only sells them to law enforcement, but the rifles are available through various distributors to civilians.

m700ltr m700tws


Bryan Webster

I have the LTR version with the fluted 20 inch barrel, and have found the rifle really likes the A-Max bullets. Did not use overly hot loads but depending on conditions at the range, accuracy was around 1/3 to 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards with the 155 grain bullets. Have yet to try the 168 and 178 A-Max bullets, but suspect it will do well with those too. Given the long freebore, I was at a quandry as to bullet seating lengths, so just stuck to the published COAL for the specific loads described in the latest Hornady manual.

Bryan Webster

Got some 178 gr A-Max and shot one group at -28 Degrees C. All bullets were touching each other at 100 yards but did not measure the group. about .4 to .5 inches for 5 shots. Have been unable to obtain the Hornady 168 Gr A-Max or even the 168 Gr Sierra Matchkings so far.

Mel Ewing

Fantastic! That 178gr amax bullet is a good one, so even if you didn’t get any 168s to try, I think you found a load that rifle likes and it’ll be a good one for long range work as well.

D. Richards

We have 6, Rem. 700 LTR’s with the 20″ fluted barrel for our dept., by policy we can only carry and use Federal 168 Grain Gold Metal Match BTHP. Shooting from a “Cold Bore” with 5 shots groups, 2 of the rifles shot .5” or less at 100 yards. 3 rifles shot .6” groups and the last rifle shot .7, 5 shot groups also at 100 yards. Looking now to purchase a Delta series custom rifle from Tactical Operations Inc.


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