• Manufacturer: Robar Industries
  • Model: SR60 and SR90
  • Caliber: 308 and many others
  • Barrel: Match grade stainless steel, heavy contour
  • Barrel Length: 24" (610mm)
  • Twist: Customer Selection
  • Magazine: 3-5 round internal box, hinged floorplate, optional box magazine
  • Stock: McMillan

Based on the USMC M40A1, using a Remington 700 action, completely accurized with a bench rest quality stainless steel barrel, and a Remington trigger. Robar has built an excellent quality sniper rifle, it is built to military specifications (M40A1). The SR-60D has a detachable box magazine and an adjustable stock, both length of pull and comb. The SR-90 is a more advanced rifle featuring a very nice McMillan adjustable stock with palm swells and other nice features

Both of these rifles are excellent and deliver exceptional performance. There is nothing new or ground breaking with these rifles, just good ol’ high quality performance.








Ive built more rifles than I care to remember. All have been either M700’s or Winchester M70’s. Im in the process of building a 30.06 with a Mauser action as I speak. I have come about as close as possible to clone by beloved M40. I always wanted the same rifle but in .300 wm. I bought an SR90 in .300wm. Z


Sorry for the double post. I had to wait on the scope to come in so in the meantime I took the scope from another rifle just to try it out. I started out with 180gr winchester power points . I fired four rounds from 100 yards and they would have fit easily inside of a nickel. I tested several different bullets and the worst group came from Hornady 165 BTSP but the group was still under an inch. The best came from Hornady 180gr SST. I fired 3 rounds then after about 10 minutes I fired 3 more. All six made a hole about the size of a 45 caliber bullet. If I could onle have one rifle out of all it would be my SR 90.

Jeff Goetz

What kind of Life can you expect to get out of a SR 60 in .308, I’ve owned this Rifle since 1997 and I have about 1/2″ to 9/16″ free bore in this Rifle and I don’t know exactly how many Rounds have been put through it because I purchased the weapon from a Pawn Shop.
When I first got the SR 60 I used Federal 168 Gr. BTMH Bullets then I used the Rifle for Hunting and now I use 125 Gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip Bullets.
I am about 1800 to 2000 Rounds through it myself. Looking for some information on Barrel Life for the SR 60 ROBAR Rifles


Typically for well made 308 rifles, including the very well made Robar’s, life expectancy is about 5000+ rounds. It depends somewhat on the ammo you are shooting, but standard match grade ammo is typically fairly gentle on barrels and throats (excepting Hornady’s Superformance which is considerably hotter) so you may get over 8000 rounds even. Just pay attention to your groups and she will tell you when she might need some attention.


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