The Ruger M77 MkII VLE is Ruger’s little known Law Enforcement tactical rifle. The rifle is based off of the M77 MkII VT target/varmint rifle but has a few changes. All the metal work is a flat black finish vs. the flat grey color of the VT rifles. The VT and VLE rifles have a laminated stock which is nicely contoured with a very wide forend. The VLE stock is different in that it is composed of darker grey colored laminates, vs the brown colors of the VT. Both rifles are the same beyond that. The barrel is a 26″ medium weight barrel. The barrel is not as heavy as most tactical rifles, which keeps weight down a little. The trigger is a decent 2 stage trigger, which I personally prefer. The scope mounting system is typical Ruger with the integral scope mounting rails for the provided rings to mount to. The VLE also comes with a Harris bipod standard which is a nice touch.

How does the rifle shoot? Well, they are typical Ruger, you either have a sweet shooting tack driver, or a semi-accurate shooter. Ruger’s are somewhat notorious for being hit and miss. Ruger claims that the VLE should consistently shoot sub 1 MOA with match ammo, and thats about right. On average, I would say they are a .75 – 1 MOA rifle. Also, while laminated wood is better then straight walnut, it will still shift more in weather changes then a synthetic stock. But I will admit that I like the contour. I also like the Mauser style action and especially the 2 stage trigger, I wish more rifles were available with the 2 stage. The VLE is a reasonable cost rifle, at about $600 (give or take) but they are supposedly for LE only, and somewhat hard to find. Overall, not a bad rifle for the money.




rich ralston

Gotta smile at what I read on “sniper” forums. I own a Ruger VLE in .308 – Bedded, recrowned, Timney, handloads, Lupo scoped w/Kenton tuned turrets, etc; I’m bleach bottle accurate at 800 yds. All day every day. Paper ? Ok. 3/8ths at 200. Rugers don’t shoot? Whatever. They’re a mechanical device. Some do & some don’t. Mine happens to do.


I also have a vle in .308 and I guess I got lucky because I would put mine up against any rifle in the same category made. It’s a nail driver


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