• Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win.)
  • Barrel: Match Grade, Heavy Contour
  • Barrel Length: 22" (559mm)
  • Twist: 1:11" RH
  • Magazine: 20 or 5 round detachable box magazine
  • Trigger: Specially tuned 4 1/2 pound match two-stage military trigger
  • Stock: McMillan Fiberglass, glass bedded.
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs (4.9kg), no optics
  • Overall Length: 44.3" (1125 mm)
  • Additional Notes: Rotating bolt, gas operated, air cooled,
    Semi-automatic magazine fed rifle

The M25/XM25 is a joint venture sniper rifle, built for both the US Army Special Forces and the US Navy SEALs. It was originally developed by the 10th Special Forces Group (SFG) based at Ft. Devens in response to a requirement for a match grade M14 for Special Forces sniper teams. USSOCCOM was dubbing the rifle the “Light Sniper Rifle”, and its also known as the “Sniper Security System” and “Product Improved M21”.


The M25 is similar to the M21 in many regards, it is a National Match M14 glass bedded in a McMillan fiberglass stock, uses a special gas piston, a National Match spring guide and a Brookfield Precision Tool Advanced Scope Mounting System (ASMS). Most rifles used the Baush & Lomb 10x Tactical scope though some of the Army rifles used some of the Leupold Ultra MK4 series of scopes. (Both the M3 and M1), and the Navy rifles have been seen with Leupolds as well (MK4s and VariX-III LR M3s). Ops Inc suppressors have also been used on some of the rifles.

The rifle has been referenced as both the M25 and XM25 in US Navy and US Army docs, so I guess the rifle has two official nomenclatures. The M25 is NOT a replacement rifle for the M24, it was requested by the USSOCCOM to fill a specific need, and it served extremely well in the first Persian Gulf war in 1991. The rifle is not officially in use though may still be seen in use with some of the Groups and Teams.

m25navy m25



Acceptable accuracy out of CL GI contour barrel? - Page 2 - M14 Forum

[…] The rifles shot at camp Perry that did very well for decades were the 22" and the big names in the Military since have been 22" barreled rifles. I know they use shorter versions on occasion now but was told to make them more manageable in tight quarters situations. I thought the 22" always held the advantage with all else being equal. I could be mistaken. http://www.snipercentral.com/u-s-m25…weapon-system/ […]


Unfortunately the XM21 and M21’s were never available on the civilian market due to their being built on the M14 receivers and trigger groups. The closest you will be able to do is find a replica. The Springfield Armory M1A national match or super match rifles would be a good start. They actually make what they call a M-21 as well, but it is not like an original M21 and has an adjustable stock, etc.

MSG Don "Gunny" Bartron (USA-RET)

I still build the M25 SWS as built by our SOTIC sniper committee at Ft. Devons, Mass, with some proprietary upgrades. I have been building these rifles since those early days. I offer these to select persons, and welcome certain unit personnel. Tom Kapp was the originator, I was co-builder and his next-in line; Mitch Meteako had the machining background and came up with our final scope base called the Brookfield Scope Mount. I helped with designs and concepts as well as building Second Battalion’s (2/10 SFGA) guns in the late 80’s; refurbishing and restocking with new BBL and guns in 1989-90; Then built up first battalion (1/10 SFGA) Xm21’s into M25 SWS in 1993, while in C Company. All M25’s shot sub 1/2 MOA when built and maintained properly of by 10th SFG(A) Snipers. The deaths of certain SEAL members in Panama, prompted our SOTIC builders, Tom Kapp and myself, to build for them six M25 SWS and both Tom and I traveled to Crane to teach their armorers our process. Other select units had Tom and I come to compete and show our systems. We were not allowed to compete against bolt gun sniper matches with our M25’s because of their rapid fire capability in a timed fire event. Not to worry, I carried this rifle into multiple combat operations in various skirmishes and wars, and the M25 rifle I built for my best friend was carried by him when he volunteered to save W4 Durant in the Mog. It was a team effort, and we all did our part. I am here today, because of men much better than myself. MSG Bartron


MSG, thank you for your insights and information on the rifles! If you have some digital photos you would not mind sharing with the sniping community, we would love to post them on this page, as well as any additional information people may find useful. Just contact me direct. Thanks

MSF Don Bartron (USA-Ret)

I will be back in contact after my return across the pond. I have some more contributions for the future. Gunny sends

Red Green

MSG, isn’t Fort Devons – spelled Devens? I drilled out of there for 22 or so years… I bought a 12 GA Ithaca M&P37 from a fellow in Oxford about 20 years ago. He had a M25 built by Brookfield Tool in the safe. He was connected so to speak with the people at the production facility. It was a MILSPEC scope and I think it was a M3 10X on top of the M25 semi auto in his personal collection.


Hello , i have an early version of the B&L 10x Tactical
Its marked 39-1040 sn number 02 .

Any info would be great.


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